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Pitch: P6.75mm
Display dimension: 166.4cm(W) *
Installation time: 10. 2011

2011 Taipei World Design Expo :

Subkarma International Associates Co., Ltd. specializes in helping small and medium enterprises in Taiwan break into international markets. Subkarma is an important Opto Tech Corporation (OPTOTECH) partner and is also taking part in the "2011 Taipei World Design Expo", the world's first transdisciplinary design exhibition. To put its crazy and experimental creative projects on public display, Subkarma invited OPTOTECH to take part in the expo by setting up an LED display that is 12 meters wide, 2 meters tall and uses approximately 500,000 pixels to achieve a resolution of 1728x288. The high-definition display provides cinema-grade visual effects for presenting Subkarma's amazing multimedia visual designs. The awe-inspiring multimedia will slowly penetrate and enrich the hearts of the audience and set every heart beating in time with Taiwan.

Pitch: P6.75mm
P8 mm
Display dimension: 600cm(W) * 420cm(H)
400cm(W) * 300cm(H)
480cm(W) * 400cm(H)
Installation time: 09. 2009

21st Summer Deaflympics in Taipei :

2009 OPTOTECH was honored to have the opportunity to play a part in the Deaflympics. OPTOTECH provided 20 LED display walls, as well as LED moving signs, for use in the Deaflympics venues. These displays were used to show the action in the sporting events, and to display the scores. OPTOTECH’s display systems performed extremely well in both of these roles, enabling the audience to fully appreciate the outstanding physical prowess, grace and determination of the deaf athletes taking part in the event.

Pitch: P30mm(W) x P35mm(L)
Resolution: 4680 x 528 dots N6
720 X 528 dots N5
Display dimension: 163.8m x15.84m 2 set
25.2m x 15.84m 2 sets
Installation time: 10. 2008

Sky Screen, Suzhou :

Following its successful installation of the Sky Screen in Beijing in 2006, OPTOTECH entered into another contract in 2008 for a large-scale Sky Screen in the Harmony Times Square in Suzhou Industrial Park, one of the focus projects of the Suzhou Harmony Development Group. The Harmony Times Square, situated in the bustling areas of the Suzhou CBD, is the most influential and valuable commercial zone for brand products in Hua-Dong district and a spotlight in the Suzhou Industrial Park. The LED Sky Screen, spanning the walking commercial area of the Harmony Times Square, will provide a variety of shows on a regular basis everyday after its formal installation in January 2009, creating a vivid world of light and shadows over the sky of Suzhou.

Pitch: P25 outdoor
P16 outdoor 3 in 1 SMD
Resolution: P25 400 x 1024
P16 560 x 72 2 sets
Installation time: 08. 2008

Oregon :

OPTOTECH has installed a P25 and P16 sports display system for the School of Athletics, University of Oregon. The new display system is expected to be formally in use in year 2009, which will be fully utilized for the pre-game announcement and live broadcasting for football games. The integrated live-broadcasting and scoring facilities will greatly enhance the spectator’s enjoyment.

Pitch: P25 outdoor (3R,2GY,2B,1G,1GB) 18000 nits
Resolution: 416 x 224 2 sets
Display dimension: 10.4m x 5.6m 2 sets
Installation time: 12. 2008

Silicon View :

The Silicon View outdoor display is installed in Oakland, California. It serves mainly as a highway advertising board for automobiles traveling along the highway between San Francisco and the San Jose Airport. The Silicon View features a customized design of 3R4B2G to achieve an extra high luminance of 18000 nits, thereby increasing the maximum visibility distance of the display board.

Pitch: P16mm
Display dimension: Wall 1: P16mm ,
1408x768 dots
Wall 3: P16mm ,
272x56 dots x16 frames
Wall 2: P16mm ,
272x56 dots x16 frames
Installation time: 12. 2007

New LED facade for MGM Grand Macau :

The recently opened MGM Grand Paradise and Casino in Macau features the world’s first true outdoor 16mm SMD LED display, from Opto tech Corporation(OPTOTECH) of Taiwan. The facade comprises three distinct sections, the centrepiece of which is a 1408 x 768 pixel, 1800 curved 16mm SMD video screen, flanked by a number of smaller 16mm SMD LED display panels, and vertical LED tubes. The overall effect is of a much larger display which is used for promotional videos, event previews etc., and which is uniquely able to display full resolution HD video.

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